10/20/2014 08:46

FOC Connectorized multi-fiber cables

Category: Last product news

FOC expands its product range of connectorized fiber optic cables. Based on a series of new  multi-fiber dividers and the customer proved  FOC solution for connector and subunit protection FOC has developed a modular solution for loose tube multi-fiber cables.

The new fiber optic cable dividers allow direct connector assembly for loose tube cables with up to 24 single and multimode fibers. In addition, the solution can be adapted to loose tube multi-fibre cables with up to 72 fibers. It also can be combined with mini breakout cables with 900µm buffered individual protected fibers. Unlike many competitor products a complete decoupling between divider  and pulling loop is reached to guarantee increased stability similar to breakout cables. The FOC  multi-fiber cables can be combined with many FOC fiber optic networking products. Our sales department will assist you in selecting and defining the required products.