05/23/2023 09:07

Low reflection termination Pigtail

Category: Last product news


FOC GmbH has been offering reflectors for different wavelength ranges for several years.
The so called „High Reflecting Devices“ (HDRs) are used as test and measurement accessories to simplify bidirectional OTDR measurements of fibre optical links and to terminate network sections. The high reflectivity of the HRDs allows purely passive end-to-end monitoring, even in splitter-based PON networks.

In addition to applications that require high reflectivity, there are also applications in which any reflection at the end of the fibre must be prevented. Examples of this are Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry (ODFR) and Optical Backscatter Reflectometry (OBR). For sensory applications based on this, FOC has further developed the products that have been manufactured since 1993 under the name termination pigtail. Thus, with the further developed products, the reflectivity could be lowered from -55 dB to now -75 dB.

The products are available with different fibre types and in different mechanical designs.