The lili optix technology from FOC scales down optical components. Optical features, which used to be available by combining several individual components, can now be integrated on one single optical board. Thus function-rich components are created which require little space – the new lilix components.

Specially coated polymer foils acting as light filters are the functional heart of the lilix components. The unique thinness of the filters enables the implementation of low-loss structures without using optical collimators. This approach does not only save costs but above all quite a lot of space. On the optical board the light is guided through integrated optical waveguides at each of whose ends an optical fibre can be attached. Complex light distribution systems with a high packing density can be created using a smart combination and arrangement of waveguides, filters and optical fibres. In this way it is possible to accommodate much more features in a given space - an important aspect for the future upgrade of existing systems.

The lili optix technology was developed in Germany and uses advanced techniques from semiconductor manufacture, coating and packaging technology.

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